Father Normand has "gone home-Gone home to the Lord"

Born on October 13, 1947 and burdened by illness the past few years, Father Normand was called home on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 11:50 AM. His positive approach to faith instilled in his parish family a sense of caring and joy in the Lord.  He will be greatly missed.

In Memoriam
Father Normand Godin

Father Normand came to Saint Agnes on August 1, 1995 and through his preaching the positive message of the Gospel, brought about a new beginning at Saint Agnes. Bringing people to Jesus was his way of changing our heart. For 21 years, first as Administrator and then as Pastor, the message expanded and more families were drawn to the parish.

During his first years here, Father also served as the Minister for Priests in the Diocese of Providence. 

Over the past few years, he not only led by his words but in his everyday actions. He was always a minister, always a priest. His caretakers were taken by his example and he brought people back to their faith .  Wherever he went, doctor's offices , for medical treatments, people would speak with him and become members of Saint Agnes.  Even in restaurants he spoke with owners and waiters/waitresses alike and would be that Apostle to speak of the goodness of the Lord and encourage them to come home.

In `his 21 years here at Saint Agnes he preached the importance of family and how we were a family; his family in Christ. He spoke of his sisters, his parents and how he became the man he was with great love and tenderness; but more so of his family at Saint Agnes whom he helped to change to love each other.

We will miss him but we can all keep him and his message of love in our hearts.