To the Website of Saint Agnes Parish in Providence Rhode Island

Saint Agnes Parish is more than a Church building. It is a people dedicated to growth in love of God and neighbor. No greater sign of this love can be seen than in the crucifix behind the main altar (pictured above).  The Crucifix is a reminder of when Jesus ascended into heave when He said He would send the Holy Spirit who is symbolized by the Dove. So when you see this special Crucifix we have hope and know that the "Spirit is Aliveand working in our parish".

Saint Agnes Church is unique in that although it serves a geographically small area of Providence, it attracts members from all over Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts.  Why?  Because Saint Agnes is a place where you can be yourself without any pretentions, yet be intellectually challenged each week by homilies from Father Normand Godin, who will leave you thinking differently about what really matters in your life.